About Us

We are a group of friends who love the outdoors and want very much to see the environment preserved and intact for our kids and their kids.

A “base camp” is a meeting place for the team to gather while organizing an expedition, and that’s exactly what we want to be: a center where travelers and adventurers can find essential information. Use your imagination and you’ll see our triangular-shaped logo represents a mountain. Look closer and you’ll see the curved line at the bottom of the triangle is a domed tent at the foot of the mountain, which is a common sight on every climbing expedition.

Base Camp Adventure Company was established in 2008 by an outdoor enthusiast who devotes himself in adventure travel. Starting with a group of Indonesian trekkers to Mt. Kinabalu in Sabah-Malaysian Borneo, now we serve trekkers and travelers from Singapore, Malaysia and Philippine to do trekking to Indonesia’s volcanoes and national parks. Meanwhile, our weekend adventure trips are favored by expatriates and Indonesia‘s young executives.

As a growing of outdoor travelers, in 2013 we reformed our company with 2 professionals in adventure travel and expanding our market to corporates and travel agents with more selections of adventure trip such as rafting, caving and diving, not only in Indonesia but also in Sabah and Sarawak, Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan.

License Basecamp Adventure Company

Travel Operator License

As of 2016, we are an officially licensed adventure travel operator under PT. Kembara Buana Nusantara with registration number of 556/184-BP2T/2016.

Basecamp Adventure Certificate of Excellent Tripadvisor

TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

On 2017, Base Camp Adventure Company was awarded with a 2017 Certificate of Excellence based on the consistently great reviews received on TripAdvisor.

Meet The 'B' Team

Jacobus “Jacky” Djokosetio

He has been trekking since he was 13 years old in scout movement. Since then he just can’t wait for holiday season to pack his backpack and go trekking throughout Java. His love in trekking brings him into tourism academy that later blended his hobby with tourism business. His adventures in the last 30 years have taken him to Sabah, Sarawak and Nepal, increasing his appreciation for his home country’s beauty and vast range of outdoor opportunities. An avid mountaineer and a pioneer in Indonesia for what is now called “green” tourism. In 1990 he promoted for the first time a trekking and rafting trip to the public.

Alfira “Abex” Naftaly

Following the footsteps of her father, she was introduced to trekking when she was in secondary school. Though her first experience in trekking had made her cry her eyes out, yet she never refuse any offers for trekking. After graduating from tourism school, she works for International oil company for 7 years until she decided to quit from the comfort zone and found her passion in adventure travel. Trekking and diving are now becoming her world that bring her to travel around Indonesia and abroad. “Traveling is more enjoyable if we can share the story to others” she said, no wonder she has thousands of followers in social media world beside actively engaging in outdoor community.Together with Jacky she established Base Camp Adventure Company on April 2013.

Ongston “Obe” Bhearto

Graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Software Engineering from a university in Newcastle, UK, does not automatically make him want to work in IT field as his parents wish him to be. His interest in adventure tends to make him spend more of his life in outdoor activities such as trekking, caving, rafting and backpacking. Fed up with monotonous office job as a programmer, he decided to follow his passion and joined a Jakarta-based Norwegian travel company, which specialised in eco-tourism. As an enthusiastic traveller, he has visited most parts of Indonesia and various countries abroad, along with spending one year at a language university in Beijing, China, to learn Mandarin. To expand his experience in adventure travel, he joined the Base Camp team on November 2013.

Ronie Ibrahim

Graduated from Faculty of Economic in 1987, Ronie decided to involve in many businesses and professions while keeping his spare time for his hobby in outdoor activities. With his 25 years experience in several businesses and as an adventure enthusiast, he started to focus on adventure business by opening his first 5 star campsite at Bogor in 2009 and later at Sukabumi in 2015. Based on his friendship with Jacky since they were in the same adventure club 30 years ago, Ronie joint in Base Camp Adventure Company in 2015 to strengthen the team with the same mission to develop adventure tour in Indonesia. Soon he was elected as chairman of Indonesian Mountain Guide Association and is appointed as one of advisor at Indonesia Ministry of Tourism in developing trekking destination in Indonesia.