Booking Policy

Please read carefully our booking policy.


  • Reservations should be made at least 30 working days for weekend trip and 60 working days for longer or expedition trip.
  • Reservations must include registration and disclaimer form (we will send by email) and copy of valid passport.
  • Written letter of confirmation on flight, accommodation, guide, permit, etc will be sent by email.


  • Invoice of total amount will be attached on letter of confirmation.
  • A 25% deposit is required to secure booking at least 3 days after receiving our invoice by bank transfer. If no notification of deposit after 3 days, your reservation will be automatically cancelled.
  • Balance should be made 14 working days prior to arrival for weekend trip and 30 working days for longer trip or expedition. No services will be provided for any omission of settling the payment.
  • An official receipt and a trip voucher will be issued and sent via email after we receive the full payment.


  • No charge for cancellation before deposit.
  • Cancellation made after deposit will cause no refund for deposit, yet the change name is possible.
  • Cancellation made within 30 days prior to arrival will be charged 50% from the total amount.
  • Cancellation made within 14-29 days prior to arrival will be charged 75% from the total amount.
  • Cancellation made within 13 days prior to arrival, no refund will be given.


  1. No special trekking/climbing/rafting/paragliding/caving and any other adventure activities skill is required, yet participants should be physically and mentally fit for adventure activities that may include walking several hours each day and high altitude with cold weather. Preparations such as jogging for 30 minutes per day prior to arrival are sufficient.
  2. Please consult your doctor if you have a history of suffering from the following ailments: heart disease, hypertension, chronic asthma, peptic ulcer, severe anemia, diabetes, epileptic fits, arthritis, palpitations, hepatitis, muscular cramps, obesity and any other sickness that may be triggered by severe cold, exertion and high altitude.
  3. Base Camp will not be held liable or responsible for failure to execute activities arrangements specified herein due directly or indirectly to acts of nature (force majeure), strikes, riots, war or any other condition beyond its control. Base Camp will take NO responsibility for any injury or death caused by natural disasters or any other conditions beyond our control.
  4. Base Camp has the right to cancel or postpone climbing because of bad weather or any natural disaster such as landslide, flood, earthquake, etc.


Participant will be given a briefing by our guide about detail itinerary, what to bring list and general information on Indonesia by email as well as emergency contact.