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“We had a wonderful experience and fun time @ the location. Kids too had good fun time. Pa Rizki and his team members services was very satisfactory and we appreciate.”
Prasenjit & Rajashree


“Great times, good company and well organized. Thank you guys!”


“Many thanks to Abex and the guides for an amazing experience: boat rides, trekking through the jungle, snorkeling, the beautiful beach where we camped, and meeting all of you! Looking forward to more trips :)”


“Thanks for the company everyone! It was a fun trip and I now know what “Pocari Sweat” means so I’m going to do my best to spread that knowledge around. 😃 Cheers! Have a good day!”


“Great! Lovely guides, fantastic sceneries, great group, delicious food, perfect weather 😉 Loved it.”
Aurélie Heilliette


“Had a really great hike with some nice company in a very clean and well protected wildlife area. Traffic was a bit of a dampener to the enjoyment, but a great place to return to and hope to come back soon.”


“It was beyond my expectation for the climbing part. As i never climb before in each trekking before. But it was fun.Got new knowledge, saw a beautiful scenery, meet fun people.”
Linda Lin


“The trip was enjoyable – to have a range of activities was great. The tour leader and all the crew on the boat were lovely – helpful and accommodating. Good snorkelling and good food!”


“This was my first meet up and I had a great time. I am not a morning person at all but the fact that we were looked after so well and the sunrise was so spectacular even I enjoyed being up so early. I had a friend join me all the way from Perth for the weekend and we both thought it was great value for money and really well organised. I will be doing another trip soon for sure! Maybe not with so many early starts this time ;)”


“Warning! The after effect of a weekend at Green Canyon: Daydreaming in the office, not accepting the harsh reality that I’m no longer floating, enjoying the majestic green water flowing between the huge wall of hill. Sigh… I miss the fun jumps, beautiful stalactites, awesometastic people I’ve started to adore, even the mini crabs and mochaccino free flow. LOL.”
Felecia Tania


“Fantastic trip made even more exciting by the rain. Two new experiences for me – climbing down a volcano in thundering rain along a steep path that has become a raging stream and strolling back from the bird conservation area barefoot in super slippery sticky mud. Fellow travellers were wonderful and Obe a great guide.”


“Another fantastic weekend in Garut! Good times and gourmet food at the campsite – yum!”


“Thank you for arranging this trip 🙂 It’s a good start for a hiking noob like me. You guys work hard keeping the camp fire keep burning after that short rain at dinner time 🙂 Ale makes me do weird poses while doing charade games too :D. What an experience!”


“A lovely way to spend the long weekend with a little bit of everything: great meals, one night in a villa, waterfall hike and swim, boat ride to Krakatao, trekking, snorkeling, camping on our “own” beach, and amazing sunsets and rises. The support staff did a wonderful job and everything was very well organized. And, of course, the people! It was a small group with much relaxation and laughter between activities.”


“Great weather and flat water in Sunda Strait. Climb of Anak Krakatau fairly easy and we had great timing between the bigger crowds. Camping on nearby island was fantastic and waterfall, accommodation, food in Carita all very good.”